Wisdom earned, Wisdom shared. Check out some of the lessons we've learned along the way.

Giving Back, Making Impact

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at Hansberry College Prep high school – A campus of Noble Street Charter Schools located on the South-side of Chicago. As I was guided to the classroom where I was to speak, I saw an eclectic amalgamation of young, bright, creative students who were living in the moment […]

Building, Branching and Monetizing

In this day and age everyone has access to the creative tools to become an Entrepreneur – just set up a Website, start a Facebook and Instagram. Most start off as “sidepreneurs” – having a full-time job and exercising their talents during their off hours. Others focus solely on their gift and artistry and pray God […]

Let's Talk

This is a small subset of some of our offerings. Let's set up some time to discuss how Treadwell Agency can arm your organization with the tools for success. If you are launching something new, we have a special program to help you launch successfully.